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This area on our websites is designed for existing clients and will contain links to work under development, notifications about service status, payment information and general news relating to doing buisiness on the internet.

We have also put together a list of useful software that can be downloaded, although these links lead to other website, we have checked them all and only publish links that are deemed safe for users.

Developememt News




Software Recommendations




Anti Virus - Despite most of our clients being aware of the importance of using an upto date and licensed anti virus programmei know that some of you are out of adet so i have comiled a list of free antivirus programmes that are worht the while to install and run. however some of the paid for solutions are in our oppinion better and worth the little extra money for the piece of mind they will give you.

Integrated Website Chat Support - If you would like top have more interaction with the users of your website we can now offer an integrated chat services whic allows you to have a real time chat session with visitors to your website, see where they re based geographicall yand help them find the content they want or even take the eqnuiru to the next level. the software will also allow you to track the pages a visitor uses on their visit to your website and also which search engine or website they found you on and the keywords used in the search they did

Desktop Support- If you are having problems with any of our provided services including email set-up, using twitter, facebook or your blog we can use this tool to remotely control your desktop and guide you through a tutorial in real time, the softare is easy to use and simple to instal.



This area is still under construction














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